Best Soft Furnishing Care Provider (South East England)

Facilities Managers are the hidden heroes within the construction and corporate world. They keep worldwide businesses running smoothly and effectively,though they can often be overlooked when it comes to recognition of a job well done. The 2016 Facilities Management Awards are prestigious awards run by Build...

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Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming and it’s time for giving presents. So, give your home the present of love and care from Pilgrim Payne. Apart from looking after the investment you have made in your valuable curtains, carpets, upholstery and other soft furnishings you can now enjoy the Winter...

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carpet cleaning

Pilgrim Payne advice on fabric care

Fine fabrics and furnishings add the finishing touches to a home, introducing warmth, softness and colour into any interior décor. However, drapes, fabrics and rugs need to be treated with care and attention if you want to enjoy them for years to come. With over...

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upholstery cleaning

Give your fabrics a face lift

Breathe new life into soft furnishings, carpets and your environment. Treasured fabrics such as fine rugs, carpets and tapestries can be restored to their former glory with the expert assistance of Pilgrim Payne’s fine rug department. Revival of colour and removal of damaging dirt will enhance...

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