Carpet care tips. How to keep carpets looking great.

If you have bought a quality carpet, it makes sense to look after it. This can be done by following certain, straightforward advice and making sure that your carpet will reward you with years of wear and stay looking at it's best in your home...

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When to clean curtains, carpets and upholstery.

The easy answer to this question is "when they are dirty or soiled". But, like all things in life nothing is that simple. Dirty or soiled means different things to different people. All we know for sure is that no matter how clean we try...

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Prestigious clients trust Pilgrim Payne. So can you.

For over 167 years clients at all levels have relied upon and trusted Pilgrim Payne to take care of their cherished and valuable textiles. A reputation such as ours has taken a long time to build and Interior Designers, Facilities Managers, de luxe Hotels and...

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How to clean net curtains, sheers and voiles.

For many households, the cleaning of basic net curtains or sheers is simply a matter of: taking them down, removing the hooks, washing them on a gentle cycle and re-hooking and re-hanging them. This takes time and effort but it does save money.The alternative for...

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Shag pile rug cleaning: A guide to clean long pile rugs

Shag pile, or long pile rugs are attractive additions to many contemporary spaces. They do, however, tend to be great collectors of soil and debris. Vacuum cleaners are of little use in trying to maintain and keep clean shag pile rugs because of the long pile which tends to block and clog the vacuum nozzle. This leads to the rugs becoming unhygienic, unsightly and in need of proper, thorough cleaning. They are almost impossible to clean on site and professional Plant cleaning is the only successful option.