Service Quality Awards for Pilgrim Payne.

As another year draws to a close Pilgrim Payne can look back and reflect on another year of improvement and progress. Building on past successes allows us to consistently improve our service delivery to our customers. However, maintaining our position as the benchmark provider of...

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Customer Service………….. Walking the talk.

Customer service is much talked about in modern British businesses. Training and motivation are vital parts of delivering quality customer service but all too often disinterested staff lead to poor service delivery. If this can be changed a company is well on its way to...

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How to clean loose upholstery covers

Loose covers can be a blessing or a curse. On the one hand they can be removed and cleaned more thoroughly than tight fit upholstery coverings but if they are not cleaned professionally and correctly the consequences can be problematical.If loose fabric covers are manufactured...

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How to find a trusted Carpet Cleaner

There are thousands, yes thousands, of Carpet Cleaners out there. It is also true that there are very few top quality companies. Some Technicians have as little as a day’s training and this, naturally, can lead to all sorts of problems. So, if you are thinking about getting your carpets cleaned it makes good sense to ask a few questions. This makes sure that you find a reliable and trustworthy company.

Cleaning and caring for Designer fabrics.

Today, there is a bewildering array of beautiful furnishing fabrics. They range from economy level to Designer ranges with higher price tags. Some are of the highest quality and time consuming to produce by ethical means and socially responsible companies. Skilled craftsmen and women have...

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